Headquartered in beautiful, vibrant Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Kenny Rodeo Election Committee extends a warm welcome to you.


Kenny Rodeo (roʊˈdeɪ.oʊ) is a Patriot, transformational visionary leader, and rugged individualist applying sound principles and practical implementation methods to the political and social challenges of today.   He is a self-employed Electronics/Software Engineer with emphasis on special requirements projects for local technology startups and the Department of Defense (U.S. Army Research Laboratory – Huntsville,  U.S. Army Research Laboratory - WSMR, and U. S. Air Force Space Command - 21st Space Wing).   As a Republican candidate for President 2020, Kenny Rodeo is an advocate for Constitutional Law and Liberty for all Americans through the promotion and implementation of the following framework for American Exceptionalism:

  1. Pragmatic and informed governance guided by the immutable Law of Deterministic Outcomes and focused on a “Country-First” viewpoint in order to secure the preservation of the Union for both present and future generations of Americans.
  2. Advancement of equitable expressions of Liberty for all Americans, and with intentionality, identifying and opposing contradictory and naturally unsustainable modalities of human passion and self interest working against that Liberty.
  3. American geopolitical strength through the modalities of  a strategic and objective projection of superior military strength,  promotion of fundamental human rights, establishment of balanced treaties and trade agreements, and  formation of alliances with like-minded international partners.